Tri-State Treasure Hunt
South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa


Due to all the fun that was had, I decided to step up the game and host 2 more Treasure Hunts for the year 2017. Although the next two hunts will not be Treasure Chests filled with Gold and Silver, they will hold value to what will be hidden. The bill denomination in both bags is relevant to the areas. This is a clue for both sites.

Remember do not trespass on private property, do not destroy any kind of property, do not bring a shovel and respect all areas you end up in. They will never be in a building or any kind of structure so don't be tearing things a part or destroying anything. I am sure there is more that you should not do, so if in doubt just don't do it. Show respect and when you leave an area leave it better than how you found it.

You need to find this unusual bridge.
The chest isn't in it
But right in between

There is a little course that goes right through this bridge
Not over, not under, but right through it.
But it isn't a trail, path or road.

Beware if you have any fears, there are many of them here

If you can find where to park, The real journey is about to start

If you are light on your feet this will not be an easy feat.

If you managed to stay on your feet your gonna head southeast

If you are on schedule you will know when to stop.

If you tied all this together You will see the final sign

At 5 o'clock go 10 feet if you are 1st it is there.

It is right in between the parallel trails with
no relevance other than a 4 year age difference.

Even though it is a cross road only one way will make sense.
Not to far you will need to grab the 1st parking spot.

If you can find the arroyo it isn't much further.

You can bank on it you are getting close.

There is really only 10 steps left so follow them close.

If you find the rose look under it.

Although you will be leery and will question this step
Trust me you will be fine.

If you have gotten this far remember somethings
are really deeper than they appear.

It is there if you are 1st

Tri State Treasure Hunt is a real life treasure hunt. On June 3rd at 12:01 am your 1st Clue will be released. This will get you started on the Hunt. Once you find the 1st clue you will need to search for your 2nd clue. You will continue on until you or somebody find the box of GOLD coins (The Treasure) This could be anywhere in South Dakota, Minnesota, or Iowa. This Event is all free. Please obey all signs and do not trespass on private property

The 1st  2017 Treasure Chest has been found!!!!
It's location was at Lake Goldsmith in this little secret spot.

With 25 clues and stretched out over 240 miles.

Listed below are the clue sheets needed to find the 2017 Tri State Treasure

Good Luck and have fun,

Click on image below for image file. You will need either the PDF or the image clue sheets below. 

Click on image for PDF file

Local Business supporters for the 1st Treasure Hunt

Just a few clue locations for the 1st Treasure Hunt