Tri-State Treasure Hunt
South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa


In 2016 my son and I went on a treasure hunt in New Mexico, we ended up making 6 trips down there to try and find the Forrest Fenn Treasure. I have to say we had a great time just looking for it. We learned and seen a lot of cool things while out searching. Here is a link to my search for the Forrest Fenn Treasure. So after thinking about what a great time we had. I decided  in February 2017, to set up the Tri State Treasure Hunt. This is a real life Treasure Hunt taking place in South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa. Somewhere in one of these 3 states a Treasure Chest consisting gold and silver will be hidden. This is 100% free to participate Real Life Treasure Hunt for all and anybody who would like to find it. It is all yours to keep and do with what you want. It will be  placed on public land with no fee's to enter and is not on private land. I want to be able to give people the chance to see how much fun a real Treasure Hunt can be. I want to show people the hidden or lost history in the mid-west.

I spent about 3 months setting  up 2017's Treasure with a lot of time and driving. In this process I learned and seen a lot of cool stuff  that I had no idea was there. I wanted to ensure this will be fun and take people to places they wouldn't normally go. To see things that they probably have driven by a 100 times and never took the time to stop. I truly was amazed at the history I found. You can click this link for a run through of a few places or clues that where included in the 2017 Tri State Treasure Hunt

So the 2017 Tri State Treasure Hunt started at 12:01 on June 3rd, with a long weekend and with many hour invested by Treasure Hunters Hope & David. They found the chest at about 1:47am on Monday up at Lake Goldsmith. With 25 clues and about 240 mile from the start to finish they found it!!!!

 Hope T
This was one of the longest yet coolest things I've ever done! The effort put forth setting it all up is extremely impressive! So happy to be part of it! The unique history I learned a long the way was a treasure in itself! Thank you for doing this!!

Imagine walking along creeks and streams in search of 15 pounds of gold and silver. Imagine creating the unimaginable memories that will last for a lifetime with your family or friends. Maybe just walking across a meadow in search of something that just stands out or trying to find a specific tree. The thrill of trying to solve what could lead you to 15 pounds of gold and silver. The adventure you will have and the memories that will last a lifetime. The joy and excitement of things you will see and find that have nothing to do with the treasure. There is so much about treasure hunting that is just so cool. This is one thing the technology world we live in can not give you.  

I am not talking about metal detecting, geocache or going into an area and digging a 6 foot hole.  I am talking about knowing there is a Treasure chest of gold and silver out there somewhere waiting for you to discover it. Following the clues right to the end. This isn't like buying a scratch or lottery ticket. This isn't about being 100% lucky. Everyone has the same odds of finding it. Everyone has the same clues. The adventure is real just like the Treasure chest of gold and silver is. This is the ultimate family and friends game.  Get out and be adventurous.  Explore the rural area of the midwest, you will be surprise at what you will see and find. 

 I have decided to set up 18 more Tri State Treasure Hunts over the next 6 years. Each time the hunt could be different. You will have to stop back on the 1st weekend in June 12:01am for your clues to get started for the Tri State Treasure Hunt. Each year one Treasure Chest will consist of at least 15 pounds of real gold and silver and the other 2 will be a lower value. All three will be set up and released at the same time. The current value is undisclosed due to the the market price of gold and silver. It could be lower or higher at the time it is found. Good Luck and Have fun!!!

If and when the Treasures are found I will post the locations and clues how and where.

Here you can stand in all three states at once at the The Tri State Marker.